Drawing A Day

This is my new thing I'm trying, one new drawing per day. I'm trying it for a month. This drawing doesn't even have any dogs in it!

zero waste logo

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This is a logo I'm working on for the Aquarium of the Bay and Fisherman's Wharf's Sustainability Committee. It's a logo that will be used in various types of media and also turned into a window decal for storefronts of different Fisherman's Wharf businesses. They sent me examples of recycling logos they liked and asked me to design something that incorporated their crab logo and utilized the orange and blue Fisherman's Wharf colors. This is what I came up with! The iconic Pier 39 sea lions are stand ins for the arrows on a recycling icon.

Octopus Phone!

Another project for the Aquarium of the Bay. It's an aquatic "please silence your cellphones" screen for their film festival. They wanted an illustration of a fish/octopus/aquatic animal with a cell phone and all his ocean friends being upset with him. They described the concept as something clever, hip and appealing for adults and children and mentioned they liked the look of the Virgin America safety video but with more color. It also needed to be theatre-themed and underwater feeling so I designed this!  

jellyfish holiday card

This is an illustration I did for the Aquarium's holiday card this year. They wanted something that was clean, modern and sort of religion-neutral so I came up with this jellyfish design.